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Did Kate Middleton And Prince William Have A Trial Separation?

Did Kate Middleton walk out on Prince William during a “trial separation” amid cheating rumors? A year ago, one tabloid was pushing that phony claim, but Gossip Cop debunked it. Today it’s even more evident how ridiculous the rumor was.

In April of last year, the Globe published a story claiming that Middleton and her three children that she shares with William had “moved out” of their home and in with her parents following allegations that the Prince had had an affair with Rose Hanbury. Middletown was reportedly so “shattered” at the “betrayal” that she had initiated a “trial separation” from her husband, “even as their lawyers talk divorce.” Queen Elizabeth, a so-called “palace courtier” said, was “furious” at the notion that William’s eldest son and heir would be raised by commoners like the Middletons.

It was a ludicrous report to make considering how public the lives of the royal family are. No reliable news organization had reported anything of the kind, which was automatically suspicious when Gossip Cop investigated the story. Just a week earlier, Middleton and William had celebrated Easter together and visited Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in their new home. Additionally, there are those “cheating rumors” the tabloid mentioned, which the royal family’s lawyers dismissed as “false speculation.” Clearly, the Duke and Duchess did not separate just because a few gossip rags made-up nonsense about a supposed affair.

A year later, it’s clear how silly this story was. William and Middleton did not announce any kind of split, be it separation or divorce. Throughout the past year, they’ve been photographed many times together, in public and in private via their Instagram.  Again, the future Kind and Queen are followed everywhere they go, so it would be nearly impossible to hide a divorce or separation. Lately, the couple has been self-isolating at their home, homeschooling their children, and waiting out the coronavirus pandemic together, much like the rest of the world. Middleton obviously did not move out to be with her parents and is still living happily under the same roof as her husband.

Not that any of this has stopped the Globe from its sworn duty of inventing nonsense about the royal family. Gossip Cop busted the sketchy tabloid for claiming that Middleton “collapsed” over the same cheating scandal due to ill health in May, the same cheating scandal that we debunked several times throughout the spring of last year. The notoriously unreliable outlet also suggested, wrongly, that William told Harry he was “dead to him,” and that the Queen had banned Harry and his wife Meghan Markle from attending her imminent funeral. The tabloid has absolutely no idea what it’s talking about and can’t be trusted to report accurately.


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