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Brad Pitt Building Jennifer Aniston A Love Nest In The Ozarks?

Brad Pitt is not building a “love nest” for Jennifer Aniston in the Missouri Ozarks. That silly story, put forth by a tabloid this week, is completely bogus. Gossip Cop can debunk it.

According to an article published in this week’s Woman’s Day, Pitt is “pulling out all his design skills” to impress Aniston, with whom he is allegedly “giving it a second go.” The tabloid claims to have spoken to a supposed “source” who reports that it’s been Pitt’s longtime dream to build a lake house in the Ozarks, near his parents’ house, but that his ex-wife Angelina Jolie “didn’t want to be close to his family and hates the Midwest.”

Aniston, on the other hand, has “always gotten along famously with Brad’s parents and loves Missouri. It’s all the encouragement Brad needs to start breaking ground,” the suspicious tipster continues. “He’s going through a period of change at the moment updating his LA and Santa Barbara places while he’s at it.” The “insider” finishes by suggesting that Jolie will likely “spit venom when she finds out,” as she is “struggling along with their six kids – if he’s got money to burn, in her mind, he should be giving it to them as child support.”

Let’s set aside, for the moment, the claim that Aniston and Pitt are back together. They aren’t, but we’ll come back to that. Gossip Cop finds the entirety of this story to be total nonsense. We reached out to an individual close to Pitt to find out more about the story, who dismissed the claim wholeheartedly as “totally false.” He’s not building a lake house in Missouri for Aniston.

The article is accompanied by a couple of photos of Pitt at work doing some kind of construction, which are clearly meant to be taken as evidence of his alleged home renovating pursuits. In fact, they’re taken from his appearance on Celebrity IOU, a new HGTV series from the Property Brothers. The tabloid has nothing to actually back up its claims about Pitt doing any kind of construction project in Los Angeles or in the Ozarks, because he’s not doing either.

The claim that Jolie is “struggling along” trying to raise her and Pitt’s six children likewise feels pretty dubious as well. While it’s entirely likely that Pitt is paying some amount of child support, it seems highly unlikely that she would be dependent on it. She is, after all, an A-list movie star in her own right. She doesn’t need to claim every last penny of Pitt’s money for child support

And then there’s the most ridiculous claim of all: the one about Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt getting back together. It’s bizarre how confidently these tabloids will present such a blatant lie as if it’s the truth. It’s almost enough to make you question reality – almost. But, as Gossip Cop and other trustworthy outlets have said dozens of times over, the ex-spouses aren’t back on. They’re friendly with each other, but they’re not dating.

Woman’s Day loves perpetuating this lie. Just a couple weeks ago, Gossip Cop busted the tabloid for claiming that Jolie was “forcing” Pitt to break up with Aniston. A few weeks before that, the magazine wrote that Aniston and Courteney Cox were planning a double wedding to Pitt and Johnny McDaid, a story Aniston’s spokesperson dismissed as “nonsense.” Before that, Aniston and Pitt were said to be expecting twin girls. The list goes on and on. It’s safe the say the tabloid is clueless in this area.


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