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Kate Middleton and Prince William broke key royal family tradition in coronavirus lockdown

The young royal couple has been taking to platforms such as Instagram in a way that they would not have considered before the coronavirus pandemic swept the nation. Kate and William have for the first time have not been “constricted” from using their accounts online to share information and news that is close to their hearts, claims royal expert Leslie Carroll.

She told “Historically, the royals have been constricted from expressing themselves personally on social media.

“Let’s not forget that Meghan was instructed to shut down her own accounts when she began dating Harry.

“And all social media has come through official account names, most probably written by communications professionals, rather than by members of the royal family themselves.”

However with the pandemic spreading rapidly throughout the world, now more than ever the public has looked toward the monarchy for leadership in an unprecedented time.

Ms Carroll explained: “Even an institution that is more than a millennium old must adapt to the times we live in now.

“The royal family has been a constant presence in the lives of the public for more than a thousand years.

“And part of ‘keeping calm and carry[ing] on’ is the ability to continue to communicate effectively, continually, and in a reassuring manner. “

Since the UK lockdown came in to place six weeks ago, Kate and William have continued to engage with their patronages and charities on social media.

The Instagram posts since the couple has been in quarantine at their Norfolk residence have featured adorable photos of their children, that are not professional photographs but taken on their iPhones.

On March 26, the Cambridges uploaded a sweet video of their three children clapping for the NHS in revealing insight into the family’s daily routine.

Shortly after on April 8, the couple shared their first-ever public engagement by video call, as they dialled in to talk with students and staff at Casterton Primary Academy.

In the clip Kate and William talk in a candid and humorous tone that is not often associated with the traditionally “stiff upper lip” expected of the royals.

William told the staff how he would be indulging in sweet treats over the Easter period: “There will be a lot of chocolate eaten here.”

To which Kate jokingly hit back: “You keep eating it!”

Showing how the couple is becoming more relaxed with their demeanour as they take on more responsibilities following the exit of the Sussexes.

Ms Carroll said: “Kate and William represent the future of the monarchy.

“So it’s really imperative in times of uncertainty and crisis such as this, that they—both as representatives for the way in which young married parents are coping, but also as the face of the monarchy, remain a presence in people’s lives.

“And for now, social media is the only safe, effective, and efficient way for them to remain so (and still curate their messaging and appearances).”

Recently William even mocked himself in a sketch created with Stephen Fry for BBC, where the pair mocked the Duke’s German heritage and love of “Eastenders.”

The footage also showed William alongside Kate and his children taking part in the weekly clap for NHS carers.

Highlighting how the prince underneath his calm and collected royal exterior, is just another Briton who is concerned for the country and his family’s well being in the current crisis.


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