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Queen Elizabeth II Dying? This Is What Some Are Saying

Queen Elizabeth is not on her death bed. While she may be holed-up in Windsor Castle isolating herself from the deadly coronavirus pandemic, she just turned 94 last week and in February, she began her remarkable 68th year on the British throne. Not only is she the longest-serving British monarch in history, but she is the fourth-longest serving monarch of any country in history. If you’re wondering, King Louis XIV of France has the longest reign ever, at just over 72 years.

The tabloids wrongly predict Queen Elizabeth’s death all the time

While we at Gossip Cop marvel at Queen Elizabeth’s longevity, the tabloids take a more cynical approach to the aging sovereign. Two tabloids, in particular, the National Enquirer and the Globe, have predicted her untimely demise at least 15 times on the covers of their publications over the last seven years. The unreliable outlets have been wrong every time, of course. Still, the practice continues.

It happens all the time

Just last week, in fact, on its cover, the Enquirer claimed Queen Elizabeth only has months to live.

Now, we are only mere gossip police here, not doctors, but forgive us if we take this bold prediction with a grain of salt, because just last year, the same tabloid predicted her death twice, once in March:

And again last December:

On tabloid predicts Queen Elizabeth’s death most than any other

When it comes to over-the-top levels of ridiculousness though, you have to hand to the Enquirer’s sister publication, the Globe. The two papers are both owned by the same company and both use this tactic to sell magazines, but the Globe has made a true cottage industry out of it. At least once a year, and sometimes more, the tabloid recycles this bogus allegation hoping to trick concerned grocery shoppers into impulse buys while they wait to check out.

Gossip Cop looked back through seven years of covers to pull these out, like this one from July 2013 which morbidly picked a number of stars it was expecting to die, though none did. And in fact, seven years later, all seven celebrities on the cover are still living:

Or in August 2013:

In December, the tabloid decided to double down on his disturbing predictions from earlier in the year with a slew of new “picks”

It’s worth noting that of the seven stars on the cover, five are thankfully still with us, and none passed away within four years of these “predictions.” The tabloid is shameless.

Just three months later, the paper asserted Prince William and Kate Middleton were named king and queen by a dying Queen Elizabeth. They weren’t, and she can’t do that, so she didn’t:

Then there was this from the summer of 2014 that “announced” Queen Elizabeth II was abdicating and dying:

Or this one, just two months later:

Two months later, in October 2014, it was Alzheimer’s:

Despite predicting the end four times in 2014, the queen, of course, lived to see 2015, but in January 2016, the tabloid was once again claiming the end was near for Her Majesty:

In May 2017, the Globe announced a “dying queen” had “collapsed.”

In September of the same year, it was back at it, this time claiming Queen Elizabeth was not only dying, but she had quit her job. Neither were true, of course.

Yet the queen lives on!

Maybe because it’s been so wrong, so often in the past, the Globe has slowed its predictions. The queen continues to astonish those close to her and her fans around the world with her resilience, making these tabloids look simply foolish.


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