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Miley Cyrus Vocal Surgery Rumors? Not Likely After Her Killer SNL Performance

Six months ago, a tabloid predicted that Miley Cyrus would never sing again after getting surgery on her vocal cords. Gossip Cop debunked the story. Today, it’s clear the magazine was dead wrong.

Back in November, the pop singer underwent vocal cord surgery for an issue that had been discovered the previous month. Never to pass up an opportunity to catastrophize, the National Enquirer published an article predicting that Cyrus would never sing again. The tabloid cited Cyrus’ alleged “drinking and smoking” as the undisclosed reason behind the surgery, quoting a rather dubious source as saying that “Miley has never taken care of herself, and now she’s likely to pay a very dear price.”

On top of being rather insulting, the story simply wasn’t true. To back up its theory that the surgery was related to Miley Cyrus’ alcohol and drug use, the tabloid quoted a doctor with no apparent connection to the singer who simply said that “the most common causes of vocal cord damage are infection, alcohol, drugs and smoking.” But a source who actually was familiar with the singer’s procedure assured Gossip Cop that the story was false: Cyrus’ surgery went well, and after a recovery period, it was expected that she would sing again.

In the passing months since that story was published, it’s blatantly obvious how utterly unsubstantiated it was. Miley Cyrus has sung in public plenty of times throughout the winter and spring, and she even had a concert tour planned before it was unfortunately cancelled due to concerns over coronavirus.

Most recently, you can see her showing off her incredible voice — and perfectly healthy vocal cords — as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live‘s “at home” edition from last weekend. Cyrus performed a breathtaking acoustic rendition of Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here.” It’s clear that Gossip Cop was right when we dismissed the Enquirer’s wild speculation on Cyrus. You really don’t need to be concerned about her singing abilities.

As a former child star and reputed “wild child,” Miley Cyrus is an easy target for bogus and often rude tabloid gossip. Since November, Gossip Cop has debunked quite a few such tall tales about the singer. That same week, we busted the Enquirer’s affiliate publication, the Globe, for falsely claiming that Cyrus had secretly been sent to rehab. In March, the same unreliable tabloid alleged that Billy Ray Cyrus was begging his daughter to dump her boyfriend, Cody Simpson.

The stories keep coming. Another sister outlet, Star, wrongly insisted in November that Miley Cyrus was just using Simpson to get back together with Liam Hemsworth, her ex-husband. Sources close to Cyrus told Gossip Cop that each one of these stories were made up (as were all the others that we haven’t mentioned). Simply put, none of these tabloids have any idea what they’re talking about when it comes to Cyrus, her career, or her personal life.


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