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Queen stuns New Zealand PM Jacinda Arden on call ‘her memory never ceases to amaze me’

The Queen contacted Ms Arden a few hours ago to “catch up” and learn more about the situation in New Zealand in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. The country’s Prime Minister opened up on their phone call on Instagram. 

Publishing a picture showing herself on the phone, the Prime Minister wrote: “A few days ago we got a wee note to say that the Queen wanted to catch up and see how everyone in New Zealand was getting on in the midst of COVID-19.”

“It was such a treat to speak with Her Majesty tonight.”

Ms Arden even hinted at what the conversation may have touched upon, saying the Queen’s affection for New Zealand and her knowledge of the country never fail to impress her.

She continued: “Her affection for New Zealand, her interest in what’s happening here and her memory of places and events that are special to us never ceases to amaze me.” 

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Many Instagram users welcomed the update by the New Zealand’s Prime Minister.

One, adding a crown emoji, wrote in the comment section: “Two queens having a conversation.”

Another said: “What a huge moment!”

And a third added in dismay: “Wait, the Queen wanted to ‘catch up’?” 

New Zealand recognises Queen Elizabeth II as its sovereign.

The Queen makes up the Parliament of New Zealand together with the House of the Representatives.

As a constitutional monarch, the Queen acts entirely on the advice of New Zealand Government Ministers.

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In her role, the monarch is fully briefed by means of communications from her ministers, and has audiences with them where possible.

The Queen also appoints a governor-general on the advice of the country’s Prime Minister.

New Zealand has recently started to relax its lockdown measures after it reported only five new cases on Monday.

After ordering the country to remain on lockdown for a month, Ms Arden announced the country is moving from coronavirus alert level 4 to level 3.    

This means people can now leave their houses to travel locally and get take-aways.

The Government added to limit contacts to close family members, while mass gatherings remain banned.

Shops, malls and hairdressers remain closed.

The new Government guidelines read: “People must stay within their household bubble but can expand this to reconnect with close family, or bring in caregivers, or support isolated people.

“It’s important to protect your bubble if you extend it. 

“Keep your bubble exclusive and only include people where it will keep you and them safe and well.

“If anyone within your bubble feels unwell, they should self-isolate from everyone else within your bubble.”

In a speech delivered on Monday, Ms Arden said the lockdown had hugely helped New Zealand to win the battle against coronavirus.

She said: “There is no widespread undetected community transmission in New Zealand.

“We have won that battle.”

However, the director-general of health Dr Ashley Bloomfield said the country needed to remain vigilant as it hadn’t yet eradicated the virus.  


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