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Truth About Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani’s Oklahoma Wedding

As much as everyone is hoping for a potential Gwen Stefani – Blake Shelton wedding, it hasn’t happened yet. Nonetheless, the tabloids have claimed several times the couple married in secret, and for some reason, it always takes place at Shelton’s ranch. Gossip Cop busted many of these stories, here are the five times the tabloids were wrong about Shelton and Stefani marrying.

The first bust on our list took place in August 2018, when Star alleged Shelton and Stefani married at Shelton’s Oklahoma ranch. The dubious publication asserted the couple “made it official with a hush-hush down-home ceremony.” The outlet contended the ceremony took place six months before the story was written with 45 guests in attendance for the supposed intimate ceremony. Despite what the outlet claimed, the couple did not get married. A more reliable source, Entertainment Tonight, confirmed the pair did not marry, and additionally, at the time, Shelton admitted to thinking about marrying Stefani but did say “it wouldn’t happen anytime soon. ” Gossip Cop wasted no time in debunking the baseless article.

Just a month later, Life & Style wrote a very similar but contradicting narrative. The publication’s cover made it seem Shelton and Stefani were married, however, the accompanying article stated the couple spent the summer planning “a star-studded, no-expenses-spared wedding” at Shelton’s ranch, of course. An alleged insider told the magazine Stefani was going “all-out” and that several A-listers would be in attendance. Just like it’s sister publications’ narrative, Gossip Cop corrected this inaccurate story as well. We spoke to a rep for Stefani who confirmed to us that the story was false.

In November 2018, In Touch falsely stated on its cover that Stefani was pregnant and married Shelton. Yet, the story asserted the couple was still in the stages of planning a wedding and expanding their family. Additionally, a supposed insider told the publication Shelton was “hesitant to walk down the aisle because he didn’t think they needed a piece of paper to prove their commitment to each other,” but eventually gave in after Stefani’s “nagging.” The bogus story was easily disputed by Gossip Cop. Not only did we just dismiss the same story from In Touch’s sister outlet, Life & Style, we also spoke again to a rep for Stefani who again assured us the story was untrue.

In June 2019, Star alleged Stefani and Shelton were planning “the wedding of the year.” It wasn’t hard to disprove the misleading tale since Gossip Cop already exposed the magazine for being incorrect a year prior. The outlet contended the country crooner and the pop star were tying the knot in front of 200 guests, including their parents, siblings, and Stefani’s three sons. A so-called insider added the couple was going to end the evening with a “30-minute fireworks display.” As amazing as it sounded, the story was bogus. Again.

And just a few days ago, Star once again asserted Stefani and Shelton got hitched while in quarantine. The inaccurate magazine claimed The Voice co-stars had a backyard wedding at Shelton’s ranch with 16 guests in attendance. The outlet claimed the couple went ahead and got married because they were “stuck together” amid the current lock-down. Given the publication’s history of being untrustworthy when reporting on the two singers, it’s laughable to think anyone took the story seriously. Gossip Cop busted the fabricated story at the time, of course.


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