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What Happened To Brad Pitt Buying Back The Home He Shared With Jennifer Aniston?

Last year, a tabloid claimed Brad Pitt was buying back the home he once shared with a Jennifer Aniston to give to her as a gift. Gossip Cop busted the phony story at the time. Now, 365 days later, it’s obvious the outlet had no idea what it was talking about.

According to New Idea, Pitt allegedly put an offer on the former spouses’ Beverly Hills estate. The home, where Aniston and Pitt lived from 2001 to 2006, went on the market a month before the story came out, and the magazine contended the actor bid $79 million to buy the home back. A so-called source told the outlet, Pitt “wanted to make a gesture to Jen that would go beyond her wildest dreams,” and buying the property where the former partners used to live “would do the trick.”

“When Brad and Jen split, she said losing their dream home worsened the heartache of their divorce and it was one of her biggest regrets not buying Brad out,” the alleged insider continued. The supposed insider further claimed Aniston was “reminiscing about their previous home” when the couple allegedly reunited earlier that year. The source added that Aniston was planning to put her Bel-Air home on the market “to rid herself of the memories of her broken marriage to Justin Theroux and look forward to the future with Brad.”

The only nugget of truth to the story was that the former couple’s home was on sale. Everything else was incorrect. Pitt did not try to buy back their former home to impress Aniston. Additionally, Pitt and Aniston did not reconcile. Gossip Cop has repeatedly debunked the narrative that the two are back together. Pitt did attend Aniston’s 50th birthday party, however, the two have been on friendly terms recently. The story came out a year ago and none of this happened, but still, Gossip Cop busted the bogus story at the time.

It’s also hard to believe anything New Idea states since the outlet has been wrong about Aniston and Pitt in the past. In January 2019, we dismissed the magazine for falsely claiming Pitt dumped Aniston for Charlize Theron. A few weeks later, Gossip Cop busted the unreliable outlet for incorrectly stating Pitt and Aniston secretly married at her 50th birthday party. Both narratives were inaccurate and off-base. Gossip Cop corrected the stories at the time. Needless to say, New Idea has no real insight on Aniston or Pitt and shouldn’t be taken seriously.


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