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Victoria Beckham, Kim Kardashian Doing A Reality Show Together?

Are Kim Kardashian and Victoria Beckham planning on doing a reality show together? A tabloid claimed so back in March. Gossip Cop disagrees.

In a March article replete with Spice Girls puns, NW  reported that Kardashian and Beckham have “joined forces” for a new reality television series. The tabloid seems to have been inspired to write the story by Kardashian and Beckham’s recent meetup at the launch party for Beckham’s new beauty line last November. “They hit it off moaning about their husbands,” said a supposed “source” close to Beckham. “Kim decided they had the perfect material for a new reality series.”

Beckham, this source says, was all for it: “she’s tried to launch her own shows so many times, but they always bombed.” Kardashian, allegedly, could also use a new show, what with her “co-stars Kourtney and Khloe making no secret of the fact that they want out of the family empire.” Beckham and Kardashian are allegedly planning on shooting their series in Miami, the site of Davd Beckham’s new soccer team. Kardashian’s husband Kanye West will reportedly join them there as well. They’ve even, apparently, got a tentative title for the show: Miami Spice: Kim & Victoria Take Florida.

Gossip Cop has looked into this claim and finds no truth to it. Nothing about the logic of the story makes sense. Beckham and Kardashian are both raising multiple children. Are we to believe that both are planning on uprooting their children’s lives and dragging them all they way to Miami just to do a reality show?

There’s also that rumor of Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian “wanting out” of the reality life. While there were rumors that Kourtney would be stepping back from Keeping Up With The Kardashians to focus on her kids, Gossip Cop finds no evidence that Khloe was considering leaving. We realize this isn’t exactly the main point here, but it just goes to show how little NW cares about making accurate statements.

Additionally, the tabloid holds that Kardashian and Beckham are so far along in their plans that they’ve already come up with a name for the show – and yet, in the ensuing month since  this story was published, no trade publication has caught wind of this supposed new series? The story is clearly nonsense.

It should be noted that NW has a history of printing unsubstantiated gossip about both Kim Kardashian and Victoria Beckham. In 2018, Gossip Cop debunked a phony claim from the tabloid that Kardashian was “fuming” over a supposed crush West was harboring for Kourtney. More recently, the magazine falsely claimed that Beckham was planning her son Brooklyn’s wedding to his girlfriend, despite the fact that they weren’t even engaged to begin with. The tabloid is more apt to make things up and then do any actual reporting.


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