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Lori Loughlin Going To Jail For 10 Years?

Lori Loughlin has not been sentenced to 10 years in prison, despite what one tabloid is trying to sell you. The rumor is completely false. Gossip Cop can set the record straight.

A year ago, the Full House actress and her husband Mossimo Giannulli were arrested for fraud as part of the nationwide college admissions bribery scandal. Naturally, the tabloid world has been letting its imagination run wild about the whole thing, “reporting” a series of ridiculous claims about the controversy. This week, Life & Style has added to the pile by publishing a story with the headline, “Lori Going To Jail For 10 Years?”

The eye-catching headline is clearly intended to suggest that Loughlin’s decade-long sentence has already arrived. But the body of the article quickly backtracks on that, instead saying that Loughlin has “heard from her legal team that she could spend 10 years in prison.” The news supposedly came after Loughlin’s recent attempt to get the charges against her dropped, which a supposed “insider” on the case says has “backfired in a big way.” “Her world has been turned upside down,” the source continues. “She can’t stop beating herself up for not taking the plea deal.” Actress Felicity Huffman, who also was caught up in the scandal, pleaded guilty and served just 11 days in prison.

Even notwithstanding the obvious bait-and-switch in the headline, Gossip Cop finds this article a little strange. First of all, Mossimo Giannulli is facing the same charges, so why did their legal team only come to the actress with this information and not her husband? Second, and more importantly, it has been widely reported the charges brought against Loughlin in October could put her behind bars for around 50 years. Why is the tabloid acting like there’s a “new” potential sentence of just ten years when the actual maximum sentence is five times as much? Who is this magazine getting its information from, and what rock have they been living under for the past seven months?

Just to be clear, Loughlin and Giannulli’s trial has not started yet, and will not start until October, but that hasn’t stopped the tabloids from speculating wildly about the actress’ hypothetical prison time. Earlier this month, Gossip Cop busted L&S’s sister publication, Star, for claiming that Loughlin had made a “secret” deal to spend only five years in prison. In February, L&S published a story alleging that Loughlin and Giannulli were headed for divorce over the scandal. Gossip Cop ran that story by a rep in Loughlin’s camp, who said: “I have no idea who is out there spreading such fallacious information. Please leave this beleaguered couple alone and allow them some peace as they focus on their legal case.” A statement, perhaps, that all the tabloids would be good to remember.


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