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Brad Pitt Has A Secret Lovechild?

A tabloid’s cover story is claiming that Brad Pitt has a secret lovechild, and that the revelation has left his alleged girlfriend Jennifer Aniston “blindsided.” This story is one hundred percent nonsense. Gossip Cop can debunk it.

NW has achieved dizzying new heights of absurdity this week with its cover story, in which Pitt has supposedly been “exposed” as having a “secret lovechild.” The cover shows a younger-looking Pitt holding a baby. It’s immediately evident that this story is nonsense: that photo is actually of Pitt and his oldest biological child, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, when Shiloh was a baby. The magazine is just using a photo of Pitt holding a baby to make you think it’s this supposed “secret” kid.

Things get even weirder once you actually read the article inside. The tabloid immediately starts walking back the claims it made on its cover, instead suggesting that ” Pitt “had quite a few hook-ups with British women” while filming Interview With The Vampire in the UK,” according to a supposed “insider.” Pitt is now apparently “panicking” that one of his supposed overseas dalliances left him with a kid.  The “real problem” of a surprise love child, another shady tipster continues, is “whether things with Jen could survive such a bombshell.” Aniston, the source says, likely won’t let the “shock” of the new child “ruin what she and Brad have.”

Gossip Cop is frankly astounded by the number of lies packed into this article. The tabloid starts out with a classic bait-and-switch: initially, it seems like there’s actual proof of a secret kid, but then the article changes its story and just brings up some supposed flings Pitt had in the ’90s. Then there’s the attempt to pass off Shiloh as photographic evidence of this other child.

And then, of course, there’s the premise that Pitt and Aniston have rekindled their relationship, which, as Gossip Cop has said a thousand times over and will likely say a thousand times again, they haven’t. They’re just friends.

Like every other tabloid out there, NW is guilty of making up nonsense about Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. Gossip Cop has busted innumerable rumors from the unreliable tabloid about a supposed reunion between the exes. A couple weeks back, the magazine claimed that Aniston was “rebounding” from Pitt with John Mayer, as if you can “rebound” from someone you haven’t been romantically involved in 15 years. But just a few days later, Aniston was supposedly giving up alcohol for Pitt. The tabloid isn’t even interested in keeping its story straight: clearly, it can’t be trusted to offer reliable insight into the private lives of Aniston and Pitt.


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