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Kaia Gerber Flashes Hidden Tattoo While Mesmerizing Everyone With Her Pure Beauty

The 18-years-old supermodel and also a social media personality, Kaia Gerber, has shared an astonishing photo of herself via her official Instagram page and shocked fans while showing off her small tattoo on her arm.

As everybody knows, coronavirus, known as COVID–19, is spreading fast on all around the world. Over 25 countries have faced this disease and over 180K cases confirmed by the authorities.

Like everybody, Kaia Gerber wanted to protect herself from this outbreak, and she kept herself in the house. She took a close-selfie photo while she was lying with her puppy on the bed and shared it on Instagram.

As you can see in the photo below, the 18-years-old model flaunted her immaculate complexion for the camera as the white pup laid comfortably next to her head. Also, she doesn’t forget to show off her small meaningful tattoo on the arm. Frankly, she completed the mission and mesmerized her followers with it.

Here’s what she wrote with this post:

“It’s our fifth nap of the day.”

Paul Walker’s daughter Meadow commented:


Famous actress Lyndie Benson liked this photo and wrote:

“You’re not giving him back are you haha.”

See the Instagram photo right below.


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