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Truth About Vanessa Hudgens’ Dating Life

Vanessa Hudgens has grown from a Disney Channel star to a respected Hollywood actress and as a result, her love life is scrutinized by the gossip media, particularly her relationships with Austin Butler and Zac Efron. Regardless, Gossip Cop has set the record straight on the tabloids’ numerous false claims. We’ve rounded up a few of the times the tabloids were wrong about Hudgens’ romantic life.

In December 2017, the blog HollywoodLife inaccurately stated Hudgens was engaged to Butler. The website contended the actress was getting married because she was “sporting a very distinctive ring on her left ring finger since around her 29th birthday on Dec. 14 and we can’t help wondering if, this year, Austin decided to give her the best present of all — a proposal!” The outlet further contended, “The ring in question has a definite vintage vibe… Could something like this be what a girl like Vanessa would want if Austin got down on one knee? We certainly think it’s in the realm of possibility.” The actress put the rumor to rest herself when she confirmed on her Twitter that she was not engaged.

Earlier this year, Gossip Cop busted debunked NW for falsely claiming Hudgens’ split from Butler was because she was getting back together with Efron. The dubious publication asserted Efron and Hudgens were “back in touch with each other” with a so-called “insider” adding, “Vanessa is probably never going to get over him. They got together way too young and both had other things they wanted to achieve.”

Despite what the tabloid tried to sell, Hudgens did not break up with Butler for Efron. A more reliable outlet, E! News reported Hudgens’ split from Butler was due to the distance between them. Furthermore, Hudgens spoke on her relationship with Butler before their split, noting only good things about it. We doubt the actress would suddenly leave Butler for Efron if they two had a good relationship.

Last month, OK! tried to bring Efron back into the picture by falsely stating Hudgens and Efron were getting back together. A sketchy source claimed Hudgens and Efron came such a long way, and there’s no awkwardness or jealousy between them anymore,” adding the two “never lost touch” with each other. Once again, Gossip Cop wasted no time in correcting the silly story. Efron is reportedly dating Halston Sage, making the story completely untrue. It’s been nearly a decade since Efron and Hudgens dated and the two have since moved on. While we can understand the media’s hope for Hudgens reuniting with her HSM costar or even with Butler, the tabloids should get the facts straight before selling silly stories.


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