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Kate Middleton inspired by Prince Harry’s ability to discuss ‘struggles’ in public

Back in February the Duchess of Cambridge appeared on Giovanna Fletcher’s “Happy Mum, Happy Birthday” podcast and for the first time revealed the battles she had faced as a mother. When asked by the podcast host if she had ever suffered “mum guilt”, the 38-year-old responded: “Yes, absolutely- and anyone who doesn’t as a mother is actually lying!”

Her openness to express her true feelings on being a mother of three won her praise from fans, and royal author Leslie Carroll said that an important person in Kate’s life could have inspired this new honesty.

Ms Carroll told “Perhaps the duchess was inspired by Harry’s candid guest podcast appearance discussing his 20-year struggle to cope with the death of his mother.

“And the mental health issues that dog him to this day when he’s in large crowds such as walkabouts

“Fears about paparazzi that have led him to be so protective about Meghan and Archie because he was unable to protect his mum.

“Or, perhaps Kate’s podcast appearance is part of a “new normal” for the royal family, a decision taken from higher echelons within Buckingham or Kensington Palace to use new (for the Windsors) methods (such as podcasts) to communicate with the people whilst remaining within their brief.

“Kate’s portfolio, for example, has always included everything to do with children.

“And her podcast appearance in February falls squarely within that limit, ” the author added.

Until now Kate was often pictured attending royal engagements, but never before have we seen the mother of three acting quite so candid and comfortable in front of the camera.

Since the Sussexes have departed to Los Angeles, it has left a void in the monarchy to connect with millennials and Kate has stepped up to plate.

Many had not heard a royal speak so candidly since Princess Diana’s interview with Martin Bashir talk in such an insightful and natural way, as opposed to the conservative “stiff upper lip” tone preferred by the monarchy.

Prince Harry and Kate were famously close friends before he married Meghan Markle back in 2018.

In the early days of the Sussexes courtship, they were labelled the “Fab Four” when pictured out on engagements with the Cambridges.

However, the relationship was believed to disintegrate after William reportedly warned Prince Harry against wedding Meghan after only 18 months of dating.

Not long after the wedding, Harry and Meghan then decided to move to a separate household in Frogmore Cottage, Windsor.

A source told The Sun at the time: “The initial plan was for Harry and Meghan to move out of their cottage in the grounds of Kensington Palace and into one of the main apartments.

“But there has been a bit of tension between the brothers.”

At the last royal engagement that the two couples were photographed at it seems as though the anguish between the Sussexes and Cambridges may have remained.

Harry was pictured looking sombre in photographs from the Westminster Abbey ceremony.

Meghan, meanwhile, was the picture of Hollywood charm, snapped with her signature full-beam smile.

The Duchess was seen greeting her brother-in-law, Prince William, as she said “hi” and “hello”.

Kate, according to the Mail, appeared to “blank” Harry and Meghan, while the brothers only exchanged the briefest of greetings.

Meghan and Harry, for now, remain in their new Los Angeles home, while Kate and William are isolating at Anmer Hall in Norfolk.


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