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Kate exposed: Mystery detail in Prince Louis birthday photo sparks ‘fake’ image claims

Kate, 38, released photos she took of Prince Louis in celebration of his second birthday as the young royal played with rainbow paint patterns. But the Duchess of Cambridge has been accused of faking the photos by royal experts as eagle-eyed fans spotted the handprints of Louis didn’t match. It is suggested Kate took multiple pictures as Louis wouldn’t have stayed still long enough and mixed the paints. 

Speaking on Royally Obsessed’s podcast, Ms Fiorito said: “There’s a lot of speculation about the painting on Louis’ hand not matching up with what is printed on the piece of paper.”

Ms Bowie added: “I think that is very true.”

Ms Fiorito continued: “Did they fake it? What’s the deal here?”

Ms Bowie said: “My guess is that they probably did multiple versions because what happened when I did it with my son is stamp both hands and then I didn’t remove the paper fast enough so he immediately started adding more paint and turned one of his hands into a purple-brown.

“I think that she probably just did multiple versions.

“But it definitely wasn’t a match.

“On his palm, I think was blue and green but in the photo it was various shades of purple.”

Ms Fiorito noted: “It was like a totally different hand.”

All the photos of the young prince were taken this month by Kate at their family home in eastern England where they are staying during the coronavirus lockdown, Kensington Palace said.

Louis, fifth in line to the throne, has a six-year-old brother, Prince George, and four-year-old sister, Princess Charlotte and last month the family released a video of them joining a nationwide applause of thanks to the nation’s healthcare workers.

The royal commentators previously discussed what they would get Louis for his birthday when they revealed what the youngest Cambridge’s favourite song is.


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Ms Fiorito said: “We gave my nine-month-old niece a music box for Easter because Kate said Prince Louis loves the happy birthday song which is really appropriate right now.

“But maybe there’s a music box that plays happy birthday so he can listen to that over and over again.”

Ms Bowie added: “That’s so sweet! I feel it would also commemorate his favourite song.

“How is it happy birthday? That’s so funny.”


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