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How the Royals arrange to see each other – and it’s pretty complicated

When it comes to catching up with our parents or grandparents, most of us can just pick up the phone or stop in for a quick cuppa.

But it’s very different for the Royal Family, who have to be far more organised when it comes to seeing each other because of their packed schedules.

When the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Beatrice or Eugenie, the Tindalls or other members of The Firm want to chat to the Queen or Prince Charles, they have to make an appointment.

Royal author Robert Jobson explained the set up while chatting on the Mirror’s royal podcast Pod Save the Queen.

He said: “The bottom line is, as with any very busy person, they wouldn’t be quite so formal but meetings would have to be diaried, primarily because they have very busy diaries.

“The Prince of Wales is extremely busy most of the time and so is the Queen.

“You cant just barge in, there will be moments when a phone call be be made and they can arrange to meet each other like any other families, but most things are diaried and most things are organised.

“They are very busy people and you can’t just interrupt somebody’s meetings.”

Asked if they do every just pop in for a quick cup of tea, Mr Jobson replied: “That probably does happen now and again but not quite in that way because of who they are.

“They run like little firms. You’ve got to remember their diaries are worked out six months in advance.

“Even thought they are all part of the Royal Family they’re all running their own little enterprise, well big enterprise in many cases.

“The Prince of Wales is always making sure he doesn’t clash with the Queen in terms of engagements.

“They have a grid system and they try to work out who is doing what on those particular days to avoid clashes.”

The Royal Family have two planning meetings each year to go through all the big things they have coming up.

It means they can all compare schedules and diaries, and make sure they all know what’s going on.

The Haynes Royal Family Operations Manual by Robert Jobson is available on Amazon.


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