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This Morning slammed for ‘rushing’ domestic violence call-in for cookery segment

This Morning presenters Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford slammed for “rushing” through a domestic violence call-in to go to a cookery segment.

The hosts teamed with agony aunt Deidre Sanders and opened up the phone lines to talk to callers who have been suffering abuse during lockdown.

They spoke to a distressed caller named Anna, who told them about her experiences with an abusive boyfriend, but cut her off to go to the next – Karen, who is worried her daughter is trapped in a violent relationship.

The pair also wrapped up that chat quickly to go to the break and then pressed ahead with Gok Wan’s cookery segment.

Deidre insisted she was keen to keep talking to the callers and would continue off air.

Many viewers felt the phone-in had not been long enough and hadn’t given the callers enough time to get advice about their problems.

They flocked to Twitter to insist This Morning should only host phone-ins about important subjects if they are willing to devote enough time to it.

One tweeted: “It’s ridiculous to try and open up a discussion about #DomesticAbuse and then rush people of the phone.

“As much as I like Gok, seeing him cook daily isn’t vital. A call in section should be prioritised over what’s probably gonna be a 10 minute cooking segment. #ThisMorning.”

Another added: “I cannot imagine what it’s like being in an abusive relationship my heart goes out to these people.

“Note to #ThisMorning I really don’t think you should rush these segments especially now, I’d rather hear more of the support & advice & much less about #bgt etc.”

A third wrote: “When you’re talking about DV you really need to give these callers more time…”

One more added: “It’s not the kind of thing you can just do a quick TV phone-in about. Think Eamon and Ruth were quite taken aback and surprised by the responses.

“Not a very well thought out plan! #thismorning.”


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