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Debunking the week’s tabloid stories: May 1, 2020

Chip and Joanna Gaines Having Sixth Child

The latest issue of In Touch reports Chip and Joanna Gaines have a baby on the way. The outlet quotes a source as saying Joanna “got the best present ever” for her 42nd birthday. “She and Chip are having another baby.” The family, according to the publication, got an envelope from their doctor with the gender of the baby. The tipster continues, “On Jo’s birthday, they decided to open it and share the news with their five kids,” before exclaiming, “They found out it’s a girl!”

The home improvement gurus love their big family, but there isn’t an addition on the way. The tabloid has completely invented the story. Gossip Cop checked in with the Gaines’ official spokesperson who strongly denied the story, telling us the story is “Completely false,” and adding, “I would’ve gladly told [In Touch] that if they bothered to reach out for comment before running to print with fiction.”

In true tabloid fashion, this is actually just a rehash of a phony report the same outlet printed just four months ago. That bogus cover story alleged the family found out on Christmas that a sixth baby was on the way. In Touch’s sister publication Life & Style also ran with this nonsensical premise last October. Who knows what the future holds for Chip and Joanna Gaines, maybe they will add to their brood at some point, but it’s not happening this year.

Bruce Willis’ Wife “Seething” Over Him Isolating with Demi Moore

Bruce Willis has been quarantining with his ex-wife Demi Moore and their three adult children in Idaho, instead of with Emma Heming and their two kids in Los Angeles. This arrangement, according to the National Enquirer, has left Heming “seething” despite being “publicly supportive” about it.

“Emma has openly backed Bruce’s devotion to his older daughters,” an insider tells the outlet, “but this takes things to a whole other level she never anticipated… her patience has been worn down to the bone.” Moore “begged” Willis to come to their Idaho home to “lend moral support” to their daughters. Heming, the tipster says, has told Willis that “he needs to make it clear which family means the most to him – or their marriage will be in deep trouble when he gets home!”

This story is baloney.Willis didn’t “choose” Moore over Heming, and Heming is not suspicious of their relationship. Willis and Moore are very close as exes and co-parents, but the tabloid is completely misinterpreting what’s going on. Moore has been updating her Instagram with family photos, which Heming has frequently commented on.

Gossip Cop also debunked a similar story from NW earlier this week that insisted Moore was plotting to win Willis back during their self-quarantine. We reached out to a rep for Moore, who said that the story was “nonsense.” Gossip Cop previously debunked a story claiming that Willis had a heart attack on the set of his film Motherless Brooklyn.

Jennifer Aniston Seeking Financial Advice from Brad Pitt

In this week’s issue of the Globe, there’s a report that Jennifer Aniston has been turning to Brad Pitt for money advice. Aniston has been “leaning on” Pitt for tips on commercial deals, sponsorships, and other “business schemes.” “Jen’s always open to new opportunities and there aren’t many more savvy operators in Hollywood than Brad,” says one insider, “so it’s only logical she’d ask him for help.” The insider adds that Pitt has been “offering his expert tips” to Aniston as he “continues to rake in buckets of bucks from jewelry companies and fashion lines.”

Where to begin with this silly story? First off, why in the world would Jennifer Aniston need to turn to anybody else for advice on endorsements? She makes lucrative brand deals all the time, and much more often than Pitt does. The idea that she would be looking to her ex-husband for advice on the thing she does better than anyone else is laughable, and possibly even a little insulting.

In the past few months, Gossip Cop has busted the outlet for claiming that Angelina Jolie was dragging Aniston into her custody battle against Pitt, that Pitt’s mother was nagging him to get back together with Aniston, and that Pitt was forcing Aniston to choose between a relationship with him and drinking alcohol, alongside plenty of other ridiculous claims. Just because this latest story isn’t trying to convince you they’re back together, doesn’t make it any less bogus.

Prince Harry Snubbed Queen Elizabeth II On Her Birthday

Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her 94th birthday this week. The National Enquirer reports that Prince Harry refused to fly back to surprise her. His refusal, the outlet says, set Prince William off and the two had their “ugliest fight ever.” A high-level palace courtier tells the magazine, “It was Harry at his hot-headed best.” The source says of the argument, “He told William he had to be kidding, that the royals had treated him and his wife Meghan [Markle] so badly, there was no way he was ever setting foot on British soil again!”

Here are the facts: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle did not “snub” Queen Elizabeth. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are living in California and if you haven’t turned on the news this year, there is a global health crisis going on and travel between Europe and the United States is cut off, as it is with most of the rest of the world. There is literally no way for Prince Harry to get there right now. Additionally, the palace announced that Prince Harry, Markle, and their son, Archie, did in fact have a video chat with the queen on her birthday.

Early this month, Gossip Cop called the paper out for falsely claiming Queen Elizabeth was dying of cancer. Last month, the tabloid contended the queen “snubbed” Markle at the royal couple’s final engagement as senior members of the royal family. Everything this tabloid writes about the royal family is flat wrong.

Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban Adopting Baby Boy

“Baby Joy For Nicole & Keith!” shouts the latest issue of the Globe. According to the magazine, the “brave” Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are going to adopt a baby boy after failing to conceive a child of their own through IVF treatments.

“Nicole was heartbroken that she wasn’t able to get pregnant after many years of trying and going through IVF,” a source tells the outlet. Kidman gave birth to her eldest daughter, while a surrogate delivered their second child. The insider says that Urban approached his wife one day and said, “Why don’t we adopt?”

There are a few things wrong with the story, Gossip Cop found. For one, Nicole Kidman has said in multiple interviews over the past few years that while she and her husband would probably have more children if they’d met earlier in their lives, they’re content with their family as it is now. She’s even joked about Keith Urban being “maxed out” with their current brood. If the outlet’s supposed insider with the family was legitimate, you’d think they’d know how little the couple wants to add to their family.

We reached out to Keith Urban’s spokesperson, who summed up the Globe’s entire publication history with his answer: “Whatever they report, you can pretty much assume is [made-up].” Just a few weeks ago, the publication published an article claiming that Nicole Kidman was deathly afraid of her husband relapsing while on tour. Gossip Cop also proved that bogus claim false.


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