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Breaking Bad Star Bryan Cranston Thrills Fans With Exclusive Live Chat Announcement With Aaron Paul

Emmy-award winner Bryan Cranston has made a new announcement on his official Instagram account, and he is going to live chat with his co-partner and actor, Aaron Paul, to talk about their drink company, ‘Dos Hombres.’

As we all know, after the Breaking Bad series, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul have continued their partnership and friendship and released a tequila brand named Dos Hombres last year. Now, they are back to chat about ‘Dos Hombres’ amid these difficult days.

In the statement, Cranston will be chatting live with Paul on Instagram next Tuesday at the ‘Cinco de Mayo‘ day at 11:00 am. They will both talk about their alcohol brands, and they are going to show their fans some of the secret cocktails recipes.

Here’s what Bryan Cranston stated:

“This coming Tuesday is Cinco de Mayo. I’ll be going live with Aaronpaul on Instagram at 11:00 am PST to raise a glass of Doshombres celebrating the man who invented day drinking!

Well, actually no, we’ll chat about the tiny village where our Mezcal is produced, the families we work with, and all things Mezcal, Mexico’s beautiful gift to the world. Have a bottle of Dos Hombres with you (link in bio) and let us know how you drink it – we’ll show you a couple of cocktails we like too.

Ask us questions and raise a glass. See you on Cinco de Mayo for our Cinco de Mezcal celebration. Salud.”

An Instagram user named ernievc guessed and said:

“You should invite Bob Odenkirk, too!!!”

Another fan named ad_sev_iguess wrote:

“Stay awesome healthy, Mr. Cranston cheers.”

See the Instagram post below.


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