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What Happened To Brad Pitt’s ‘Tell-All’ Interview?

This time last year Gossip Cop debunked a phony tabloid story alleging that Brad Pitt would be doing a tell-all interview. The story was pure nonsense. It remains just as bogus today.

In May 2019, In Touch insisted that Brad Pitt was planning to a tell-all TV interview opening up about his divorce from Angelina Jolie and about his, uh, “new relationship” with Jennifer Aniston. The magazine claimed that Pitt wanted to “tell his side of the story” of his split from Jolie. An unnamed source supposedly told the tabloid that Pitt wasn’t trying to “come across as this perfect husband and father,” but that he “also wants to tell the truth about Angie’s part in everything.” the source added that “being in such a volatile marriage with Angie made him realize what he’d thrown away” with Aniston.

Upon investigating this claim, Gossip Cop found that it was totally false. We reached out to Pitt’s rep, who confirmed for us that the actor had no plans to do a TV interview of this kind, nor had gotten back together with Aniston. The story was pure fiction.

As always, time tends to reveal how little truth these tabloid stories have to them. Pitt has not done or even announced any TV tell-all, nor have he and Aniston announced they’re back on. And yet In Touch and its ilk can’t seem to help itself, continually claiming that Pitt and Aniston are on the verge of getting back together as if they haven’t been claiming that every week for the past 15 years. Back in October Gossip Cop busted the magazine for reporting that the “couple” were expecting a “miracle baby.” Pitt’s spokesperson shot that claim down, and time has proven it false.

But after that, all the tabloids (including this one) shifted their Pitt/Aniston narratives back in January when they were photographed at the SAG Awards having a brief friendly exchange to congratulate each other on their respective wins. Now, the story was that they had reconnected during awards season, and not before then. Gossip Cop even debunked an In Touch story from that month alleging that Pitt was in love with Aniston again following their awards show interactions. Regarding that story, a source close to Pitt told us, “they ran into each other at the SAG Awards and exchanged congratulatory remarks. They’re just friends. Nothing more.”

Seriously, this is starting to drive us crazy here at Gossip Cop. It feels like we’re trapped in some kind of Groundhog Day time loop situation where tabloids keep publishing the same story over and over again as if it’s new, trying to make us forget about all those other times. How many years is it going to take of them not getting back together before the tabloids finally drop it? 15 years clearly wasn’t enough – 20? 30? Perhaps it will never end.


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