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Katy Perry Called Off Wedding To Orlando Bloom?

Has Katy Perry called off her wedding to Orlando Bloom? A recent article in a tabloid is claiming the singer has “cold feet.” Gossip Cop can correct the story.

According to OK!, following the revelation that Perry was expecting her first child with Bloom, the singer put the brakes on their wedding. The tabloid claims that the baby “put the spanner” in the couple’s planned Hawaiian New Year wedding. “Katy got into an epic fight with her bridesmaids and Orlando over it,” a so-called insider tells the outlet. The publication then alleges that the couple’s legal teams negotiated a “complicated” prenup once the pair decided to marry in Japan this coming June. However, the magazine asserts that due to the coronavirus epidemic, the plans have been canceled indefinitely.

“Katy was excited about walking down the aisle pregnant, but they’re hitting the pause because of the coronavirus,” the supposed insider continues. The supposed source says while Orlando Bloom is “bummed” about the situation, Katy Perry, “can’t help but think this is a sign from God that Orlando isn’t the one.” The magazine insists that regardless of what’s happening, Bloom is being supportive of Perry’s “hesitation” and suggested the two elope. The dubious insider claims that Perry told Bloom “no,” adding, “some friends think she’s secretly relieved to have called off the wedding.” The story ends with the sketchy insider stating that Perry’s family and friends hope they will be able “work out their wedding woes.”

The only nuggets of truths to the story are the facts that Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are postponing their wedding due to the coronavirus outbreak and that they were looking to wed in Japan. A more reputable outlet, People, confirmed that Perry and Bloom were halting their plans because of the current epidemic. Everything else the outlet claims is false. Perry recently did a video chat with Good Morning America, where she was seen wearing a onesie with Bloom’s pictures all over it. “I’m repping him while he’s sleeping in with a pillow over his head in the other room, lucky,” the singer jokingly stated.

If Katy Perry is getting “cold feet” why would she be repping her fiancé? Furthermore, it’s hard to trust what OK! says on account of the tabloid being wrong about Perry before. Earlier this year, Gossip Cop busted the phony magazine for falsely claiming that Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom married in Hawaii over the holidays. Last year, we debunked the bogus outlet for stating that Lionel Richie was warning Perry not to marry Bloom. Gossip Cop dismissed those inaccurate stories from OK! at the time, and we’re doing the same with this latest fabricated tale.


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