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Chris Hemsworth Makes A Weird Confession About His ‘Avengers’ Weapons

During a recent interview with ‘People,’ Avengers actor Chris Hemsworth made an interesting confession and revealed his wife Elsa Pataky really hates his fake Avengers weapons.

If you don’t know, Chris Hemsworth has an interesting hobby and collected precious memorabilia from all of the Marvel films that he made. The actor even took home his Thor Hammer called ‘Stormbreaker‘ that he got from the final Marvel film named ‘Avengers: Infinity War.’

The 36-year-old actor stated that his wife Elsa Pataky made it clear that she hated the fake weapon collection of Hemsworth. Plus, he said that his three kids have played with the Avengers weapons.

Here’s what Chris Hemsworth said:

“I usually take one of the weapons [from] each film. I’ve got it in a sort of TV lounge room.

It gets denigrated and moved to the garage quite often and then it finds its way back out over the mantelpiece and my wife’s like, ‘Why?’ And I was like, ‘The kids did it, the kids did it.’ It’s a constant negotiation.”

He continued:

“They’re pretty heavy, so they try to pick it up and they’re like, ‘Dad, look, I can lift the hammer,’ and then put it back down.”

About a week ago, Chris Hemsworth had shared a recent video and exposed a really interesting moment he had in India on Instagram.

Some crazy Indian fans followed his car with their motorcycles to get a signature from Chris Hemsworth until he arrived at the set of the movie ‘Extraction‘ with his special car.


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