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Queen’s future exposed: Big decision Prince Philip made that monarch will NEVER be able to

The Queen will never be able to retire like her husband, Prince Philip, a royal commentator has revealed. Richard Fitzwilliams spoke to about the main reason why the British monarch and her husband differ in this way. Prince Philip has been retired from royal duties since 2017, and spends most of his time at Sandringham Castle.

Mr Fitzwilliams said: “The reason for that is because the roles are so different.

“The Queen wouldn’t use the word ‘retire’, it’s ‘abdicate’.

“If there was some incapacity which prevented the Queen doing her job as she felt it ought to be done, then things would alter.

“But she’s not forgotten her uncle’s abdication. That is still regarded with some horror.”

The Queen’s uncle, Edward VIII, became king of the United Kingdom in 1936 following the death of his father, George V, but ruled for less than a year.

He abdicated the throne in order to marry his lover, Wallis Simpson, thereafter taking the title Duke of Windsor.

The crisis caused widespread scandal and led to the succession of King George VI, the Queen’s father.

On her 21st birthday in April 1947, the then Princess dedicated her life to the service of the Commonwealth in a broadcast speech.

Prince Philip celebrated his 99th birthday last month in lockdown with the Queen at Windsor Castle, where the pair are isolating amid the pandemic.

The Duke of Edinburgh is now officially the third oldest royal in British history.

The Palace released a new picture of the couple to mark the occasion.

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It was the first time the Prince had been seen in public after he was released from hospital on Christmas Eve after a four-night stay.

There have been fears for Philip’s health amid the pandemic.

At 98 years old and having already suffered some health scares, the Duke of Edinburgh is among those at highest risk.

The Queen is also at risk, and therefore precautions have been taken,

Both royals are shielding in Windsor Castle with a select group of key staff.


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