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Bella Thorne’s Boyfriend Benjamin Has A Bold Claim About Her – She Answers It!

World-famous Italian pop star and Bella Thorne’s boyfriend, Benjamin Mascolo, has posted some unique photos of his girlfriend via his official Instagram account and made a stunning but short statement about her.

Last month, Benjamin Mascolo and Bella Thorne had celebrated the first anniversary of their relationship via FaceTime. The couple has been together seen together since April 2019 and made their relationship Instagram official in October 2019.

Almost every day, they share new photos and videos about themselves on social media and mesmerizes their followers with their passionate love. Today, Benjamin Mascolo has posted memorable pictures of Bella Thorne, and he said extraordinary words about her.

Here are his words about Bella Thorne:

“The hottest girlfriend in the world.”

As you can see in the photos below, Bella Thorne was looking very hot and gorgeous inside of the black dress. This Instagram post reach more than 290k likes, and many followers commented about her flawless beauty.

Everyone was wondering about the reaction of Bella Thorne; she saw this post in a few minutes and wrote a meaningful comment. Here’s what she wrote in the comment section:

“Awwww,🔪 Daddy, ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I love you.”

You can see the Instagram post of him right below.


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