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Ryan Reynolds Reveals Who Would Win If Dwayne Johnson And Deadpool Fight Each Other

Actor Ryan Reynolds, who is known for his role as Deadpool in the Marvel cinematic universe, has tweeted out a new post on his verified Twitter page and celebrated the 48th birthday of Dwayne Johnson, as known as The Rock, with a funny message.

Ryan Reynold remembered his friend’s Birthday and penned down a note to celebrate with his trolling words. In the message, Ryan said that The Rock is one of the best guys in the world despite his sarcastic words.

Otherwise, a Twitter user named Nicci wondered and asked that who would win if The Rock and Deadpool in a real fight. Ryan Reynolds responded to the exciting question with a creative answer to his fan’s curiosity. Here’s the conversation below.

Ryan Reynolds tweeted:

“He may have gone through puberty in the womb, but he was born with a heart of solid gold. One of the best guys on earth. Happy Birthday to my friend, co-star and ribbon dance professor, The Rock.”

The Twitter user named Nicci asked:

“Who would win in a fight. Deadpool or The Rock?”

Ryan Reynolds responded to the fan and wrote:

“The audience.”

Peep the Twitter posts below.


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