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What You Don’t Know About Those Cher Feud, Affair Rumors

Cher has a storied history as a celebrity, which is exactly why it’s so easy for tabloids to manufacture fanciful tales of both affairs and feuds about her. Gossip Cop has busted these tabloids so many times in the past about the mononymic star, we’ve lost count, but we noticed a certain pattern while going through our previous busts. We compiled some interesting stories about the singer that we’ve debunked in the past in order to make sense of it all.

Cher Takes On Meryl Streep

A few years back, Star reported that Meryl Streep and Cher were feuding on the set of Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again. A supposed tipster told the gossip rag that Cher brought “all kinds of chaos” to set. “She arrives with an entourage and all her wigs and so many ideas for the director,” the tattler said, adding, “Cher seems to think everyone, including Meryl, should bow down to her. And Meryl Streep does not bow down to anyone.”

Gossip Cop didn’t trust the word of a random, anonymous tipster, so we reached out to a rep for Cher, who informed us, “That is so silly. They totally love one another and Cher had a fabulous reunion with her friend.” Our doubts confirmed, we decided to rate this story as completely false.

“Snubbed” At Robert Di Nero’s Restaurant

The National Enquirer had their own supposed feud to report on. This time, Cher was furious with Rober De Niro because she was “snubbed” by his restaurant. According to the outlet, Cher had tried to eat at one Nobu restaurant only to be turned away since the establishment was closed for a private function. The “Strong Enough” singer instructed her driver to take her to a different Nobu restaurant, only to be told that the restaurant was completely booked. Cher placed the blame for her predicament squarely on De Niro, who co-owned the restaurant chain. “I wouldn’t want to be in the same room the next time these two come together,” a questionable source told the outlet. “This has all the makings of a big Hollywood feud.” Since nothing about this story is true, of course this imaginary feud is nonexistent.

Gossip Cop reached out once more to Cher’s rep, who told us on the record that this incident never occurred. Besides, though De Niro co-founded and co-owns the restaurant chain, he has no control over reservations or private events. To suggest otherwise is plain lunacy. This story was a complete fabrication.

Cher’s Tom Cruise Affair

The tabloids didn’t only focus on Cher’s supposed feuds, but her alleged affairs with action star Tom Cruise. The Globe reported some time back that Cruise and Cher had rekindled their romance. The two briefly dated when Cruise was only 22-years-old in 1985. The disreputable outlet quoted an alleged source who claimed, “They can’t deny what they have felt for years any longer. There’s no question they’ve been lusting after each other all this time,” adding, “They’re back together and meeting for sexy hookups in Hawaii, Vegas and L.A., with no strings attached.”

Gossip Cop doubted this story from the very beginning. If the two superstars were truly sneaking around for so-called “sexy hookups” all over the United States, someone would have spotted them and a photo would certainly exist. We don’t just base our decisions on hunches, however, so we checked in with Cher’s rep to figure out what was really going on. We were told, on the record, that the rumors of a Cher/Cruise romance were untrue.

The Romance Was Short-lived

Almost a year later, so long that Gossip Cop nearly forgot about the original bogus story, that same outlet published an article claiming the romance between Tom Cruise and Cher was over. The “Heart Of Stone” singer was allegedly the one to pull the plug over Cruise’s “wacky” antics, a suspicious source told the outlet. “Cher said that she used to think Tom was a dignified and private guy – that is, until he jumped up and down on a couch over Katie Holmes during a TV interview. That’s along with his bizarre rants against psychiatry on the Today show.”

There were several red flags that stood out in this article, but Gossip Cop focused on the largest one first. The “wacky” incidents described in the story took place in 2005, well over a decade before the two rekindled their supposed romance. It’s not like these incidents weren’t widely reported on when they first happened, so why would Cher suddenly decide to end the affair based on them now? The story simply didn’t make sense, which is why we determined it to be completely phony. These tabloids love to create dramatic, eye-catching headlines, but they’re not so great at backing up these wild claims with actual facts.


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