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Kash Doll Proves She Can Beat Everyone By Showing Killer Skills At Basketball

Detroit-origin rapper Kash Doll has uploaded a new video of herself on her official Instagram account and surprized her followers by her little-known skill.

Many celebrities are doing various activities or challenges in the self-quarantine amid coronavirus pandemic. Some artists are attending live concert sessions, while others are revealing their unknown talents or skills.

The 28-year old rapper appeared in her backyard while playing basketball with her uncle. As you might watch the video, the rapper beat her uncle at basketball by showing her killer basketball skills although she dressed in a long dress.

Here’s what Kash Doll captioned:

“Took my uncle there.”

An Instagram user named thedreadbombshell commented and said:

“Lebron has 24 hrs to respond.”

Another fan named marvinrocks wrote:

“Show them.”

Watch the Instagram video below.


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