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Queen abdication: Coronavirus pandemic could see monarch ‘hand over to Charles’

The Queen remains at the helm of Britain and has confirmed to be a national figure able to rally spirits in time of crisis with the speech she delivered in early April. However, there are warnings the coronavirus crisis could last way into 2021. 

A source has claimed the monarch may want to hand over most of her duties to Prince Charles next year, sparking fears among royal watchers the Queen’s reign may be coming to an end without the country even realising it.

According to royal expert Robert Jobson, the Queen may consider to step down when she turns 95, in April next year.

In a column written in 2017 for the Evening Standard, the royal expert said: “The Queen will keep calm and carry on, but there is nothing to stop her following her husband into a form of retirement.

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“I understand she has hinted that she would consider a Prince Charles Regency at 95.

“There is nothing to stop her doing this.”

The expert said he doesn’t believe the Queen would ever abdicate, as she pledged aged 21 to serve her country for her all life.

However, she may choose to give more power to the Prince of Wales to the point he will be not a King but, formally, the Regent of the Crown. 

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The current coronavirus crisis may see the Queen spending most of the next months indoor rather than attending her normal royal duties.

If the claim reported by Mr Jobson is true, the pandemic could lead the Queen to turn 95 and step down with just a few royal engagements carried out on her last year on the throne.

Last month, Professor Chris Whitty, England’s chief medical officer, was very clear in stating some social distancing measure will need to remain in place until a drug able to cure coronavirus or a vaccine can be found, which may not happen until next year.

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He said: “Until we have those, and the probability of having those any time in the next calendar year are incredibly small and I think we should be realistic about that, we’re going to have to rely on other social measures, which of course are very socially disruptive as everyone is finding at the moment.”

This means mass gatherings such as the Trooping the Colour parade may not be resumed for a long time and the elderly may need to change their habits and remain indoors more than they are used to.

One of the category considered most at risk of catching a severe bout of coronavirus is the over-70s.

This means that, in case of a prolonged lockdown or social distancing measure, Prince Charles and not just the Queen may be asked by the Government to follow stricter guidelines than younger people.  

Another royal expert agrees with Mr Jobson the Queen would never abdicate.

Royal author Phil Dampier told Royal Central: “The Queen will certainly never abdicate.

“At the moment she is in excellent health and so she won’t be giving this serious thought right now.

“In fact, I know she has told friends that she wants to live to 100 like her mother.” 

Mr Dampier, however, doesn’t think the Queen would give Charles more duties when she turns 95.

He added: “The only reason a regency would ever be contemplated if is she became seriously ill, either mentally or physically.

“But I don’t believe she would consider an artificial cut off time such as reaching 95.

“She will consider the situation as each year passes.”   


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