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Tiger King’s Carole Baskin tricked into interview by Jimmy Fallon pranksters

Reclusive Tiger King star Carole Baskin has been tricked into breaking her silence by pranksters who convinced her she was being interviewed by US chat show host Jimmy Fallon.

The cat sanctuary owner, 58, has shunned the spotlight since the release of the hit Netflix show, which focused on her nemesis Joe Exotic and his doomed murder-for-hire plot to kill her.

However, she was persuaded to talk by YouTube star Archie Manners and his prankster pal Josh Pieters, who posed as producers casting guests for The Tonight Show  Jimmy Fallon.

The pair told her they worked for a company called Invisible Object setting up guest appearances on talk shows from home during the coronavirus outbreak.

They set up a Zoom interview with the unwitting subject, and convinced her she was talking to Fallon on camera by using audio clips from old shows to construct questions from Fallon.

The video was uploaded to YouTube along with an explanation about how the pranksters pulled it off.

The clip is introduced with one of the pranksters saying: “The show everyone is talking about, everyone except one of its stars who nobody can get hold of… until now.

“In a world exclusive, we bring you Carole Baskin’s first broadcast interview by tricking the tiger queen into thinking she was a guest on Jimmy Fallon.

“Like Tiger King, this is a story of loopholes, lawyers and lies.”

They explained how they duped Carole and her attorneys and used clips of Fallon uploaded to an iPad to ask her questions during the fake interview.

Carole was completely unaware of the hoax, and answered questions about her big cat sanctuary and how she’s coping during the coronavirus crisis.

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She admitted she’s had to lay off half her staff and is having to work seven days a week.

The prank comes days after the same Manners and Pieters pulled a similar trick on Love Island stars Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury

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