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Bella Thorne Enjoys The Sun During Self-Quarantine: “It Is A Hot Day”

The most celebrity of Hollywood and former Disney star, Bella Thorne, has continued to share her casual photos via her official Instagram account and showed off her awesome look amid the self-quarantine at home.

Almost every day, Bella Thorne shares new images belong to her self-quarantine days on her social media account and reveals some special briefings about her quarantine session.

Frankly, the 22-years old actress had posted a stunning dance video on April 24, and she was wearing the same bikinis in this video. Today, she continued to share new poses with the same bikini on her Instagram account and mesmerized her followers with these photos again.

As you can see in the photos below, Bella was having a great day in the backyard of her California mansion and sunbathing during the self-quarantine.

She was mesmerizing her followers with her alluring two-tone swimsuit and toned body. This Instagram post has reached more than 1.3 million liked until now, and her followers wrote a lot of comments about her astonishing poses.

Here’s what she captioned with it:

“ITS A HOT SATURDAY 💦 nothing else to do but to do this ^^ so here I am. Doing this.”

Bella’s close friend Lana commented:

“Urgh, you are gorgeous, wow.”

She replied it:

“@ms.lana_ thank u baby ditto.”

You can see the Instagram post of her right below.


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