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Kobe Bryant’s Sister Feels Wrecked While Celebrating The Birthday Without Her Nephew Gianna

The late Los Angeles Lakers superstar guard Kobe Bryant’s sister, Sharia Washington, has shared a heartbreaking photo of her late nephew, Gianna Bryant, via her Instagram account and penned down an emotional message due to the birthday of Gianna.

This week, a lot of famous people shared many images and messages due to the 14th birthday of late Gianna Bryant. Her mother, Vanessa Bryant, and her sister, Natalia Bryant, posted some touching photos and letters to celebrate Gianna’s birthday without her.

You can see in the post below, Sharia shared a sad photo of Gianna and wrote a heartbreaking message to celebrate her nephew on the day that would have been her 14th birthday. Also, many users wrote a lot of comments to pay their tribute to her.

Here’s what she wrote with the photo:

“Happy birthday Gigi! We love and miss you! ❤️👼🏽🌷🏀🐍

In Gigi’s honor, please consider wearing the color red (she loved to wear a red bow to school) and use the hashtag #PlayGigisWay to captionan act of kindness, or how you will play her way.”

An Instagram user named Raven Lara wrote:

“I wish I had one of these bands. Love you, GiGi. ❤️”

Another user named Supergi commented:

“Happy Birthday, Gigi… I love red bows, too. Rest In Peace, Angel baby.”

You can see the Instagram post of her right below.


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