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The “older woman” Prince Harry lost his virginity to reveals her identity

In his autobiography, Spare, Prince Harry was utterly candid. According to numerous reports, the first work received heavy criticism for its digs at his family and its use of “TMI” details, which culminated in repeated references to his “todger”.

Harry’s account of his first sexual experience behind a bar was possibly the most shocking element for Royal followers. The unidentified lady herself has publicly divulged her identify in what was characterised as a “humiliating encounter with an older woman who adored macho horses and who treated me like a young stallion.”

Sasha Walpole, 40, said in an interview with The Sun, “In my words, I am the person Prince Harry wrote about in his book who he lost his virginity to.

Harry recalled this specific incident as follows: “I mounted her rapidly, and she spanked my ass and sent me away.”

Harry’s elder by two years, Walpole, claimed, “Without Harry, I would never have raised my voice. That kind of person is not me. I could have talked about it a long time ago if I wanted to. With his writing about it, he has brought it to my door.”

Walpole, who was formerly the royal groom at King Charles’ residence, Highgrove, said she felt under pressure to confess her name since the “search” felt like a “ticking timebomb.”

I initially believed I could hide and the situation would pass. But as the identities of many women, some of whom I know, became widely known, I understood that I had to speak the truth in order to put an end to the rumours,” she stated.

She criticised Harry in her interview for retelling the incident in such detail.

Why he went into such depth is beyond me. He could have simply stated that he had lost his virginity. Yet he went on to explain what took place, in a field behind a bar. If you’re not the other party, then that’s okay. But if you’re like me, you start to feel like your world is suddenly growing a little smaller.

Walpole claims that since she shared the story in her own words, she can now live more securely in light of the fact that her acquaintances had begun to refer to her as the “mystery woman.”

She also told the crowd that he had been right in his description.

“The fact that what he had written was so accurate shocked me the most. I was most reminded of that. I don’t take offence. I did eventually grab his behind and slap him. I also gave him a small squeeze. His bum was peachy.”


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