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Tom Cruise to snub BAFTA awards for not nominating ‘Top Gun 2’ for Best Film

Tom Cruise and his team members will not be attending the 76th British Academy Film Awards after his blockbuster Top Gun: Maverick was snubbed from the Best Film category.

As reported by Daily Mail, the Mission Impossible star and people associated with the film, which was the highest-grossing movie of 2022 both domestically and globally, won’t be at the ceremony.

Despite receiving nods in the cinematography, editing, sound and special visual effects categories, the team was “disappointed” after BAFTA did not nominate the movie for Best Film or Cruise for Best Actor.

A senior film source told the outlet that there was “disappointment” over a perceived “lack of love” for the film at Bafta, which forced the audience to come back to cinemas after pandemic.

Hence, the Hollywood hunk along with the film producer Jerry Bruckheimer and Cruise’s producing partner and best friend Chris McQuarrie won’t be seen at the Royal Festival Hall for the awards show this weekend.

As per the outlet, the Top Gun team has not RSVP’d to Bafta, however, there is no official report from either Cruise or anyone associated with the film about whether or not they will be attending the ceremony.


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