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Where Ellen DeGeneres lives since show was taken off air – tour marital home

Ellen DeGeneres will be spending much more time at home now with her wife Portia de Rossi since her hit talk show The Ellen Show came to an end. The couple has become known for their savvy real estate investments, and they live in a gorgeous Balinese-style property near Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Their vast residence is reported to be worth £35.2 million, which is three times as pricey as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s neighboring property which is around the £ 11 million mark ($14.65 million).

From Ellen’s beautiful garden and outdoor swimming pool, through to the dreamy kitchen and dining room, keep scrolling to take a look around…

The living room features a large brown curved sofa at the center, and has floor-to-ceiling glass windows and doors leading out to the garden, which looks like a lush oasis of plants and trees.

The dining table appears to sit at the side of the open-plan living area, and is a stylish oval design with brass trims flanked with cushioned dining chairs. It sits on a brown textured rug on their dark wooden floor.

The kitchen has the same wooden flooring and neutral colour scheme, with brown cabinets, dark worktops and stainless steel appliances. The couple have a large island unit, and a striking piece of art hanging on the wall.

The garden features an amazing covered terrace with a grey outdoor sofa, as well as a long dining table and parasol, where the couple and their friends can dine outdoors.

Even in the rain, Ellen’s outdoor swimming pool looks spectacular. The infinity pool boasts beautiful ocean views and is surrounded by a pristine lawn.

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