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Why Meghan Markle’s Podcast Hasn’t Released New Episodes And When You Can Expect It Back

Meghan Markle’s podcast, archetypeWhatever has happened, has been done in haste. After the Sussexes announced their deal with Spotify in December 2020, listeners waited nearly two more years before hearing the first episode of Markle’s debut project. now, archetype Once again Markle is facing setbacks for reasons beyond her control.

archetype A promising start followed the premiere in late August. However, when Queen Elizabeth passed away on September 8, Markle halted the rollout of new episodes as an honor. The show’s Spotify page announced that the podcast “has paused during the period of Her Majesty’s Queen’s official mourning.”

The Duchess of Sussex’s debut podcast has topped Spotify’s charts with its premiere. The show has remained steady on the Spotify charts despite going on hiatus, proving that there’s definitely a demand for Markle’s feminism-themed conversation.

For her first three episodes, Markle has already welcomed some high-profile guests. His first episode featured a conversation with professional tennis player Serena Williams. She has since been in talks with pop icon Mariah Carey and Comedian Mindy KalingMaking it clear that there is no limit to the star power Markle is capable of swinging.

Following the death of Queen Elizabeth, Markle traveled to the UK to meet with Prince Harry to prepare for the country’s 10-day mourning period. Markle and Harry were both under a microscope during their time in London, earning both praise and criticism as they showed their support for the late Queen.

‘Archatypes’ will return on October 4th

The Spotify page for archetype has announced that the show will resume its regular schedule on October 4, almost a month after its last release. At the end of the September 6 episode, Markle announced Margaret Cho and Lisa Ling as her next guests. Cho is known for his standup comedy and social activism. Ling is an experienced journalist and . is the current host of this is life with Lisa ling on CNN.

The two women are invited to discuss the trope of “Dragon Lady” while giving their insights as Asian American women in the public eye. “It’s like the Rogue Queen imminent, the femme fatale imminent,” Cho said in a preview clip. “But it’s also so pinned down to the idea that Asian-ness is an inherent danger, that our exoticism will get mixed up either way!”

As Archwell Audio prepares its next installment, it will certainly be mindful of the renewed attention its founders have received over the past few weeks. However, according to what we’ve seen so far, Markle will definitely keep the focus on her guests and not the overly critical one of her personal life.


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