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William and Kate ‘well and truly in love’ as they celebrate 12th wedding anniversary

William and Kate are still “well and truly in love” as they celebrate their 12th wedding anniversary, a body language expert has observed.

Body language expert Darren Stanton, speaking on behalf of Betfair Bingo, provided his observations as the couple celebrate 12 years of marriage.

Prince William and Princess Kate tied the knot on Friday, April 29 2011 at Westminster Abbey. The pair began dating in 2001 after they met while studying at St Andrew’s.

Prince William and Kate still have a ‘genuine spark’

According to Darren, the Prince and Princess of Wales still have a “genuine spark” and “mischievous element to their relationship”. The couple, who have three children together, are “one of the strongest couples” in the royal family according to Darren.

He shared: “I have analysed hundreds of hours of footage of Kate Middleton and Prince William over the course of my career. And, in terms of the couple’s body language, they are definitely one of the strongest couples – if not the strongest out of all of the royal family.”

While William and Kate don’t often have public displays of affection, Darren adds that there is a “deep connection” between them. Darren said: “Although they never initially displayed signs of public affection, there has always been a genuine spark between them.

During the early stages of their relationship when Kate would attend William’s polo matches, they had a very mischievous element to their relationship and clearly shared the same sense of humour.”

Darren also compared their close relationship to King Charles and Queen Camilla. He said: “This deep connection and chemistry is something that Kate and William still show today.

Despite being together for a number of years, they now appear to be at the epitome of their relationship and well and truly in love. Simple signals that illustrate this include when William looks out for Kate whilst attending events together,

Just like his father does with Queen Camilla. While Kate’s confidence has grown, it’s clear that he still feels very protective over his wife and will do anything to ensure that she is safe.”

William and Kate have a ‘telepathic connection’

Darren also observed that the pair have a “different dynamic to other royal couples” and have a “telepathic connection” which helps them overcome “hurdles”. He added: “Kate and William no longer operate as single individuals, but appear to move as one unit.

They are evidently very deeply synchronised with each other, and have an almost telepathic connection. They only need to give a glance to the other whilst at an event, which indicates that they know exactly what the other is thinking. I have definitely seen a development in their level of connection over the years.”

Darren shared that the couple will only become closer as William moves towards becoming the future King. He confirmed: “Kate and William clearly ensured that their marriage has become stronger with each passing year, overcoming obstacles, hurdles, and problems together as a team. They definitely have a different dynamic compared to other royal couples.”

Darren continued: “Kate and William have certainly proven to be the perfect match from the outset. Their deep level of connection, rapport, trust and love has continued to grow, and will continue to grow even more as William moves towards his rightful place on the throne, with Kate by his side.”

Royal pair ‘most similar’ to Mike and Zara Tindall

The body language experts also think that the Prince and Princess of Wales are “most similar” to royal couple Mike and Zara Tindall. Darren said: “I would say that Kate and William are very similar to Mike and Zara Tindall, as both of their marriages are strong and appear to have gone from strength to strength.

Mike and Zara also appear to have a mischievous side, which is something that Kate and William haven’t been afraid to show in recent years.”

Darren concluded: “They’ve definitely broken away from strict protocols and appear more comfortable within their relationship while out in public. Overall, it’s clear Kate and William will continue to push the boundaries over the course of their marriage, which will only show them in a more relatable light.”

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