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Prince William Issues Dire Warning To Prince Harry And Meghan Markle And Their Two Children

Prince Harry has reached the land of no return with his older brother, Prince William. Using Spare, his best-selling memoir, and the interviews that followed, Prince Harry settled the score with the heir to the throne.

Meghan Markle‘s husband revealed every pain and misery that he endured at the hands of his older brother. Prince Harry also threw Prince William’s wife, Kate Middleton, under the bus with the tell-all book.

Now that Prince Harry has shared his bombshell truths with the world, it is time for Prince William to settle some scores of his own. However, the Prince of Wales is, alas, only a prince with no power to punish Prince Harry and Markle for humiliating him and the Royal Family.

However, one day, Prince William will become Sovereign, and he has already envisioned a revengeful plan that will rattle Prince Harry, Markle, and even their children, Archie and Lilibet Diana. According to a close friend of William, Prince of Wales, who spoke to the Daily Beast, he has accepted that his father, King Charles III, wants his entire family present for the coronation ceremony in May.

However, if it were up to Prince William, Prince Harry, his wife, and his children would not attend. The pal revealed: “Prince William will, of course, abide by his father, King Charles’ decision concerning the attendance of Prince Harry at his coronation…but William would much rather Harry wasn’t there.”

The friend went on to explain what the world already knows, and Prince William has cut off all communications with Prince Harry and Markle since they started throwing horrific accusations at the royals.

Through the pal, the world has discovered that Prince William has already made the decision to ban his only brother, sister-in-law, niece, and nephew from his coronation with the time comes.

The person in the know stated: “The relationship between Harry and William is now non-existent. They haven’t spoken since the book came out, and William has no intention of picking up the phone any time soon. If it was William’s coronation, Harry wouldn’t be on the list. It’s no secret that, personally, he would much rather Harry wasn’t there after everything he has said and done.”

Prince Harry has revealed that he is looking forward to healing the rift between his brother and father before the coronation. However, at the same time, the Duke of Sussex is threatening his family with new truth grenades and the possibility of a second book. At this point, no one truly knows how the story of Harry and William will end.


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