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William Prince of Wales should have been ‘honest’ with public over secret phone hacking settlement

William Prince of Wales should have been “honest” with the public over his reported secret phone hacking settlement, a PR expert claims.

The expert’s claims come amid reports that William got a “very large sum” in a secret settlement back in 2020.

Claims William Prince of Wales got ‘very large sum’ in secret settlement

Earlier this week, reports emerged claiming that Prince William had once taken a “very large sum” in a secret phone hacking settlement.

The alleged settlement is said to have taken place in 2020. William allegedly made a claim against a UK newspaper group. However, what the claim is or how much William received remains unknown.

Alleged details of the private settlement were made public earlier this week by William’s brother, Prince Harry.

The Duke of Sussex is suing News Group Newspapers – the publishers of The Sun and News of the World. However, NGN has denied having a secret settlement with the palace.

William Prince of Wales should have been ‘honest’

Speaking exclusively to ED!, PR expert and CEO of UnlockdPR, Jordan James, believes that William should have been honest with the public about his alleged secret settlement.

“The situation is a tricky one, and while I think the royal family are right to expect some kind of settlement over the [alleged] phone hacking scandal and definitely deserves an apology for those involved, the secrecy around Prince William’s [reported] settlement adds a cloak-and-dagger element to proceedings that could put the future King in an awkward position,” he speculated.

He then went on to say that dealing with media intrusion is a part of the royal’s life.

“While I think no one would expect them to just lie down and take everything thrown at them, the royal family should be careful with how they deal with it,” he then said. “That means being honest with the public, especially when it comes to money.”

William has ‘higher standards’ to meet

Jordan then continued. He said that William has “higher standards to meet” as a future King than Harry.

“And [alleged] secret settlements, no matter how fair, aren’t exactly becoming of a man who will be trusted with ruling the nation. 

While the royal family might prefer to keep the situation on the down low, especially after many royal scandals in the press have backfired and damaged their image […] I think Prince Harry’s more public battle sends a far better message than Prince William’s [alleged] covert dealings,” he then said.

He then continued, saying: “If it’s true that Prince Harry didn’t know about his brother’s [alleged] settlement this decision is even more of a stab in the back, especially given this lines up with the increase in vitriol against the Sussexes, who have been vocal about their annoyance with the press.”

William and Harry could be in for an awkward reunion at the coronation now…


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