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Palace Rumor Says Prince William Supposedly Broke Down Over Harry In Front Of Kate Middleton

was Prince William devastated by Prince Harry snubbed his birthday? A tabloid claims William broke down in tears in front of Kate Middleton because of his brother. Here’s what we know.

Did Prince William have an emotional 40th birthday?

In this week, new idea Things were reportedly tense in the Cambridge household as Prince William celebrated his 40th birthday. According to the article, the future king spent the day “at leisure with his family and charitable friends,” a reprieve sources said was long overdue.

“William needed room to breathe,” complains an insider. “A lot has happened between his busy schedule, his grandmother’s poor health and his brother’s ongoing estrangement. It was a strange time.”

Apparently, Harry and William’s relationship is so strained that Harry “didn’t even contact him for his 40th time.” But the tipster claims Harry’s absence has hit William harder than he expected. “William is really upset and has broken down to Kate a lot lately because of Harry,” the tipster concludes.

Prince Harry snubs Prince William’s birthday?

This tabloid claims to have too much information on the British royal family for us to take seriously. First, neither we nor this tabloid have any way of knowing whether or not Harry contacted his brother on his birthday. There is no magazine out there that has access to the Duke of Cambridge’s private communications.

But we have an even more pressing question. How on earth does this insider know about Williams’ intimate conversations with Kate Middleton? We’re sure the king-to-be has an emotional moment with his wife on occasion. But pretending to have a window on those private moments is absolutely ridiculous.

It’s clear that as William celebrated his 40th birthday, the tabloids saw an opportunity to stir up drama between the royal brothers. And while it’s clear there are some tensions between the Cambridges and Sussexes that have yet to be resolved, this story about William having a good cry on his birthday is a classic tabloid example.

The tabloid about Prince Harry

But this isn’t even the first time we’ve been caught new idea with burning pants. Back in May, the outlet claimed Prince William had warned Charles not to let Harry anywhere near Queen Elizabeth during his visit to the UK.

The magazine then claimed that Kate Middleton wrote to Harry behind William’s back. And most recently, the publication reported that Harry was “homesick” and “felt out of place” in the United States. So the latest report in this magazine is a matter of course.


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