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Woman criticizes boyfriend after he’s upgraded to business class on a free flight: “There didn’t seem to be any reluctance on his behalf”

A WOMAN was angry and alone in her economy seat when her boyfriend was promoted to business class without her.

The couple was on their second trip together after dating for two years.

In a Reddit post, she claimed that her other half had sat in business class a year before after purchasing his premium ticket using frequent flyer points.

Because the couple bought their flights separately, the woman was forced to travel in the economy for the whole 22-hour journey.

“I told him that because that is what he paid for, he should seat in business, and it would be selfish of me to ask him to downgrade to the economy just so we could sit together,” she explained.

However, issues between the couple increased on their recent vacation together when his seat was automatically upgraded, leaving his girlfriend to find the news at the check-in counter.

“There didn’t seem to be any reluctance on his behalf, nor did he discuss with me how I would feel before accepting the increase,” she stated.

She said at the counter that her boyfriend never sought an additional upgrade for her as well.

“I was offended and made a joke at the counter -‘ so you want to sit separately?'” she said.

His explanation was that the flight was long and he wanted to be comfortable.

The couple, according to the woman, was traveling on two flights with a total flight time of five hours.

“I didn’t say anything after that and simply let him do whatever he wanted,” she said.

I wasn’t sure whether I was overreacting at the time, and I needed some time to think about it.”

The woman asked other Reddit users if she was justified to be hurt by her boyfriend’s actions.

Several people in the comments suggested that the couple buy tickets jointly using her partner’s account since they could both receive upgrades.

“If my partner left me in the economy so he could have a wonderfully comfortable sleep, it would be the last time I ever went anyplace with him,” said the majority of users.

“If he simply quit on me with no communication, no thought, I would be upset,” said another.

Another user put it this way: “You established that it was appropriate for him to upgrade to business class on the much longer journey, so it wouldn’t be unreasonable for him to presume you would feel the same way on a much shorter travel.”

It’s not the first time a family feud has arisen over a flight; a man caused anger after announcing that he wanted to give himself a flight upgrade rather than pay for a family member’s ticket.


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