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‘Yellowstone’ Kevin Costner drops interesting unboxing video of Golden Globe award

Kevin Costner shared the unboxing video of his Golden Globe award that he won for his role in Paramount’s Yellowstone.

Costner could not receive the award in person because of heavy rainfall and flooding in California at the time.

Weeks after the award ceremony, Costner received his trophy in the mail.

“We weren’t able to make it to the Golden Globes because of the flooding we got cut off … and we felt so horrible about that and there was just nothing we could do,” he said in the video posted to social media. 

“We watched the time, like sand in the bottle, go out as our chances dimmed of getting there.”

Costner also expressed that watching the ceremony from home was not the same as attending it in person, but his wife tried to make this experience special for him by decorating their home with balloons.

“We weren’t at one of the greatest parties in the world, but we found ourselves together as a family,” he said. 

“And my children heard my name called and they stood up and they cheered.”

The Highwaymen was nominated in the Actor in a Drama TV Series category for his portrayal of John Dutton in Yellowstone.

As Costner continued to open the package, he said he wanted to do an unboxing for “all the people who have supported me for the Golden Globes which I was so happy, I’ve known them a long time, that international community, and they’ve always been very kind to me.”

“And I couldn’t be there but this is the award, so I’m going to just open in front of all my friends out there,” Costner said as he pulled his trophy out of the box.

He also reflected on joining Hollywood for the first time and what it means to be nominated for the award.


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